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Manpower Software

Today in the field of software development we have gained special recognition for developing this amazing manpower consultancy software called Manpower ERP. This software has been specially designed for the Gulf manpower consultancy firms. While developing this software our able software engineers have considered each and every aspect of the processes involved in manpower consultancy. This software is extremely suitable for initiating and tracking the processes like visa processing, candidate selection and recruitment, medical test tracking, MOFA updating or MOFA number generation etc. This manpower software has already gained great popularity amongst the Indian placement consultancies which place candidates in Gulf Countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia etc. This software's capacity of handling huge number of employee records is remarkable

More about Manpower Software

We Provide Best Manpower Software has been designed to manage your post recruitment processes as well. Our clients will get facilities to create tickets for the selected candidates. Through this software our clients will be able to get connected with the travel agents ticket booking platform which will allow them to transact confidentially through encrypted network. Our clients will also be able to use this software for tracking their receivable and payable accounts pertaining to their recruitment and placement activities. Our exclusive Gulf Manpower agency software will also help you to upload all your candidates records and store them securely. Besides, you will also get the facilities of maintaining your day to day accounts and other office expenses here.

Manpower ERP also comes with the feature of managing employee payroll system. Our exclusive ERP software will let you track the employee attendances, their respective pay packages etc to maintain a flawless employee payroll system. You are also able to manage the deductions, additions, bonuses, overtime etc in our software with precision. This software solution will indirectly help you to maintain employees high morale as you will be able to disburse salaries to them month after month without any erroneous deductions. Last but not the least, this is online software and comes with all sorts of securities to ensure 100% data protection.

Manpower Software

Some salient features

The exclusive features for which Manpower ERP software has gained such a tremendous popularity in the field of Manpower consultancy software will be discussed in the following points:

  • You will be able to get multiple login rights on the basis of designation and location of the employees

  • The facility of integrating access control is there in this software

  • It will allow generating several reports but we can customize them as well on the basis of your requirement

  • This software will be useful for you to maintain suppliers’ database

  • The software also stores the data for rejected candidates and the specific reasons for which they were rejected

  • By using this software you will also be able to send email alerts and SMS alerts to different agencies, candidates, employees etc. Actually Manpower ERP software will let you automate almost everything in your business

  • Just on the basis of some clicks you will be able to prepare your company’s profit and loss statement

  • With the help of this online Manpower ERP software you will be able to earn great level of visibility for your business