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Sponsor Management

Our manpower consultancy software or Manpower ERP helps in the post recruitment process. We offer Sponsor Management Software which includes managing all details of the sponsoring process. The executive sponsors who have the authority to make decisions in human resource commitments and business processes can manage, control and get reports according to sponsor administration requirements.

Branch Management

Our manpower software can be a great help in running the branches of the consultancy. There are a lot of people to handle, sponsors, agencies, travel agents, suppliers and many more. With this branch management one can create branches to handle each function. You can create branch and get reports to see the status of the overall process.

VISA Management

The Manpower ERP software provides effective Visa Management services to the clients. The visa management is actually an immigration and visa advisory service. This service is aimed at providing immigration advice and expertise to clients. The expertise involves everything from sending details for visa to tracking it till it is sanctioned.

Agent Management

Agents are important in oversees recruitment process. Agents help in getting the tickets for the selected candidates. Our software is an efficient agent management process. All the details of the agents including their account details can be maintained which can help in tracking all the details of selecting candidates to issuing tickets and payments.

Candidate Management

The main activity related to the recruitment process is to select the candidate and send them to the placed area. Hence it is important to properly manage the candidate details. With the help of our software candidate management can be easily done. From selection of candidate till recruitment, all comes under the candidate management process of this software.

Ticket Agent Management

Tickets need to be issued for the candidates after they are selected. There are agents who can issue tickets for a fee. With this software, you can easily manage the ticket agents. The software helps to get the details of the agents. It also keeps records of transaction between you and the agents.

Expense Management

The software is not limited to just selecting the candidate and sending them to desired location. The Manpower ERP software does much more than you can think of. The software plays an important role in managing the accounts of the office. The expense management of the office can be easily done using this software.

Employee Management

Manpower ERP software is multipurpose and it has the feature of providing employee management as well. Managing employee details and payroll system is a part of this software. Tracking the attendance of the employees, their pay amount, deductions, additions etc. are all a part of employee management. This helps in boosting more interest in the employees working for you.


Manpower ERP software is used by the Indian consultancy firms for maintaining their accounts pertaining to their placement activities in Gulf countries. This software is ideal for maintaining all billing records, payroll management, inventory management etc. It allows you to systematically record all types of transactions of your company in a chronological order. This software is all accuracy and convenience.

Ticket Management

Manpower ERP software helps you to manage your tickets related transactions effectively. Since our software has been exclusively designed for the manpower consultancies of India placing candidates in Gulf countries, hence we have integrated this facility with our software in order to help you to book, cancel and manage airline and other traveling tickets in a systematic way.

Document Management

To manage manpower consultancy operations we understand that you need to manage thousands of documents; that is why we have designed this Manpower ERP software to provide you the facility of managing various kinds of documents with ease. You can store and manage here documents like employee documents, legal documents etc. The documents you will be storing here can be easily retrievable as well.

MOFA Management

Our Manpower ERP software can be used for visa processing of the selected candidates. Through this software the MOFA management becomes extremely easy. This helps you to complete the formalities required for getting the visa invitation letter from Ministry of Affairs of Gulf countries. This also helps you to make required payment to respective countries’ embassies for MOFA number generation.


By availing Manpower ERP software, you will be able to get the facility of pulling out report on various activities. You have innumerous reporting options here, besides you can also customize reports as per your requirement. Our software provides you accurate reports and most vitally extremely fast. You can export reports in excel, PDF, CSV etc formats.

Candidate Visa stage

Through Manpower ERP software you will get help to track the visa processing stages of all the candidates. Here you will be able to search candidate wise visa status and the actual reason for which the visa processing is pending. Through this online software you will also be able to follow up with candidates for their required documents as well as with the respective authorities.


We have designed our Manpower ERP software to offer you the most formidable security. Here the data records, payment history and other confidential information are kept absolutely secured. Our security coding cannot be broken by the hackers. We use encrypted network hence it remains secured during transactions as well.