Agent Management

Agents are important in oversees recruitment process. Agents help in getting the tickets for the selected candidates. Our software is an efficient agent management process. All the details of the agents including their account details can be maintained which can help in tracking all the details of selecting candidates to issuing tickets and payments.

Manage Agent

Our software can manage agents quite effectively. All the details of the agents involved are kept in safe records. Their account details are also kept. One can track the procedure till issuing of tickets with this feature. Whether the payments are done or not are also tracked by this feature of this software.


The main focus of this software is on candidates. The candidates are selected for the visa sent by sponsor. Agents can select the candidates based on the visa details given to them. The software can store the details of the candidates in the database. The personal information along with account details all is kept.

Payment Tracking

There are lot of transaction of money between the clients and their sponsors, agents and candidates. To keep a track of amount to pay, date of issue, credit left and other details is difficult. Our software can help our clients to track their receivable and payable accounts with agents and candidates.

SMS & Email Alert

This software has a fine feature of SMS and email alert for any important information. You can use this software to send SMS and emails to agencies, candidates, employees etc. to notify them any news. This feature of Manpower ERP software will remove your stress to inform all one by one personally as this is an automated system.