Branch Management

Our manpower software can be a great help in running the branches of the consultancy. There are a lot of people to handle, sponsors, agencies, travel agents, suppliers and many more. With this branch management one can create branches to handle each function. You can create branch and get reports to see the status of the overall process.

Create Branch

The software for the manpower consultancy can help in creating new branches to handle the work easily. A lot of function needs to undertaken and a lot of people are to be looked after in the process. So creating the branch can help in the smooth functioning of this consultancy.

User Management

Managing the users is an important part of the job of manpower consultancies. With our manpower software, the user management becomes easier. The software holds all the details of the employees, candidates, as well as database of supplier in cent per cent secured way. At any time the details can be checked and reports can be generated.

Reports and Analytics

One can check the facts and figures only after looking the details in reports and analytics. These give a clear picture of current status of the work. The new software of Manpower ERP helps in generating reports that are relevant. The reports and analytics generated can be customized as well according to requirement.