Candidate Management

The main activity related to the recruitment process is to select the candidate and send them to the placed area. Hence it is important to properly manage the candidate details. With the help of our software candidate management can be easily done. From selection of candidate till recruitment, all comes under the candidate management process of this software.

Manage Candidate

Candidates are managed easily and efficiently with our Manpower ERP software. After getting the visa details, candidates are selected for them. The software not only helps in this procedure but also stores the details of the candidates selected. The selected candidates go through medical tests, MOFA updating and visa processing. All these information are kept in the records of the software.

Candidate Payment Details

When the candidate goes through the process of selection, the details are kept in the database along with account details. There are certain fees that are to be paid, like the MOFA fees and visa fees. The software keeps the track of all payment details between you and the candidate.

Store & Manage Document

A lot of documents are needed to be stored properly in this whole procedure. This software helps you in this record keeping. All the documents and data are uploaded carefully by this software in a secured environment. Candidate details, account information, visa details etc. are stored safely by this software for any future use.

Store Resume

The resume of the candidates are safely stored by this software. Along with the resume of selected candidates, the details of rejected ones are also stored. The reasons behind these rejections are also specified with the details. These resumes are stored so that they can be referred for future use.