Document Management

To manage manpower consultancy operations we understand that you need to manage thousands of documents; that is why we have designed this Manpower ERP software to provide you the facility of managing various kinds of documents with ease. You can store and manage here documents like employee documents, legal documents etc. The documents you will be storing here can be easily retrievable as well.

Manage document

In our Manpower ERP software you will be able to store and manage innumerous documents. The candidates’ documents can be easily stored here and can also be retrieved very easily without much effort. You can also link various related documents and visit them as and when you require them. This software enables you to manage the documents most conveniently and efficiently.

Email Documents

Apart from storing soft copies of scanned documents, you will also be able to preserve and store different emails, associated attachments etc very easily. Manpower ERP software also lets you link these emails to different candidate profiles as per their nature. Since this is online software, so it makes life easier for the users to link the emails instantaneously.

Print Document

Manpower ERP software also lets you create, manage and amend various documents as per requirement. You will be able to take print outs of various documents through this software. Besides, it will also let you upload scanned copies of various printed documents. The process of configuring this software with your printer is very easy.