By availing Manpower ERP software, you will be able to get the facility of pulling out report on various activities. You have innumerous reporting options here, besides you can also customize reports as per your requirement. Our software provides you accurate reports and most vitally extremely fast. You can export reports in excel, PDF, CSV etc formats.


Being a placement consultancy company you would definitely like to track various reports on the placement rates in different sponsor companies, so our Manpower ERP software will be the most suitable one for you. This lets you pull reports on various sponsor companies, their requirements and about their payment rates. The sponsor wise reports will also help you to track the conversion rates and income from each sponsor.


Various candidate reports can also be pulled from our Manpower ERP software. These reports let you know the candidate profiles, the companies where they were placed, their submitted documents, pending documents, details of their employment etc. These reports get updated on a real time basis. These reports can also used for understanding the trend of the industry i.e. which candidate profiles are suitable for which job roles.


You may also pull various reports on different agencies through which you place candidates and process visas. The agency reports can also be pulled for the agencies through which you book tickets. All you have to do is to visit the report section of Manpower ERP software and then select the suitable agency as per your requirement. These reports also let you know the payment history and the agency wise turnaround time.


Various reports are also available in Manpower ERP software which can be pulled to know the candidate wise MOFA generation time taken. Through these reports you will also be able to track the candidates for whom the MOFA generation is pending. The reports also help in tracking the pending deductible amounts.


Different types of accounting reports are also available in Manpower ERP software. These accounting reports come out with different types of calculations as per the pre-installed calculation rates. The income summary reports, expenses summary reports, balance sheets etc are extremely useful. These reports most vitally come out with accurate calculations.


Salary reports will help you to track the salaries of different employees. The previous and present salary comparison reports are also available here. These reports can be effectively used for judging the efficiency of different employees and their respective salary brackets. By analyzing these reports you will be able to take decisions on your finances and future business plans.


Employee wise reports from Manpower ERP software will help you to know the details of each and every employee. These reports let you analyze their performance trends. By going through periodical employee performance reports you will also be able to understand the factors which affect the employee performance. These reports will be really helpful for you during performance appraisals.

Pending Payment

To run a manpower consultancy business you will have to transact with numerous vendors, agencies, brokers, employees etc. Pending payment reports from Manpower ERP software will help you to track the various pending payments you are required to make as well as you are entitled to receive. This report helps you to maintain your financial credibility.