Ticket Agent Management

Tickets need to be issued for the candidates after they are selected. There are agents who can issue tickets for a fee. With this software, you can easily manage the ticket agents. The software helps to get the details of the agents. It also keeps records of transaction between you and the agents.

Manage Ticket Agent

Ticket agents help you get the tickets for the selected candidates. The software helps in managing the ticket agents. The information of the agents along with their account details are stored by the software. All the payment transaction between the ticket agent and the client can be tracked with the help of this software.

Manage Tickets

Our Manpower ERP software can help manage the tickets issued by the agents to the selected candidates. This software allows the client to contact the travel agents on their ticket booking platform. The entire transaction is secured with the encrypted network. The transaction can also be tracked using this software.

Track Payment

When the tickets are issued by the travel agents to the candidates, payments are made. But to handle the entire payment transaction between the client and ticket agents is difficult. The amount to be paid, account details, time of payment and payments done or not are taken care by the software. The pending payments can be tracked using the software.

SMS & Email Alert

This software makes the recruitment system automatic. Our software not only enables the client to go to the booking platform to book tickets but also sends SMS and email alert. The software sends automatic SMS and email to notify the agencies, candidates and employees when needed. This removes the stress of doing on your own.

Reports & Analytics's

The reports and Analytics's can make you understand the entire transaction and procedure of the post-recruitment process. The status of each procedure of issuing tickets to the candidates can be available to the clients. With our software you can not only track the procedure but also get proper records and Analytics's related to it.