Ticket Management

Manpower ERP software helps you to manage your tickets related transactions effectively. Since our software has been exclusively designed for the manpower consultancies of India placing candidates in Gulf countries, hence we have integrated this facility with our software in order to help you to book, cancel and manage airline and other travelling tickets in a systematic way.

Manage Ticket

Our Manpower ERP software is perfect for your business need. You will be able to book airline tickets for multiple locations. Our integrated multi location airline ticket booking facility will enable you to book as well as cancel tickets within minutes. This software automatically fetches the entire details of the selected candidates through the command of a single icon or keyword. It works on-line and helps you to manage tickets more efficiently.

Through Agent

This Manpower ERP software has been designed to get integrated with your empanelled travel agent’s ticket booking system. It fetches the real time records from their database. Through this software apart from booking airline tickets, you will also be able to book bus, cabs etc in Gulf Countries through your agents.

Payment Tracking

When you will be booking travel tickets, it goes without saying that it will involve large numbers of transactions. Our Manpower ERP software will help you to track all such transactions individually. It will provide you records of both payable as well as receivable transactions. By using this software you will be able to ensure that the payments are tracked properly.

Reports and Analytics's

Manpower ERP software provides you the facility of pulling out reports on booked tickets, cancelled tickets etc. By using the Analytics's center of our software you will be able to easily analyze the number of selected candidates’ v/s the number of booked or cancelled tickets. You can also analyze other factors like ticket cost incurred country wise, ticket cost incurred v/s revenue earned etc.