VISA Management

The Manpower ERP software provides effective Visa Management services to the clients. The visa management is actually an immigration and visa advisory service. This service is aimed at providing immigration advice and expertise to clients. The expertise involves everything from sending details for visa to tracking it till it is sanctioned.

Manage VISA

Our software provides effective visa management. The information sent by sponsors is right or not is very important. The status of the visa applied is important for the clients to know. This can be easily done using this software. The visa details are sent to the agents by the consultancy for issuing ticket for the candidate.

VISA Type (Free/Service/Purchase)

Visa can be of different types depending on the purpose of visit. The visa in this process is work visa. Visa printout and visa deposit receipts are compulsory to be submitted when you reach any Gulf country. Our software helps the clients in the providing all visa services and purchases.

Selected Candidate

After the visa has been granted, it is sent to the agents. Then the process of selecting the candidates is done. The candidates can be selected for the visa by agents who have the visa details. The consultancy can also select the candidates with the visa details sent by the sponsor.

Agent Involve

Agents play an important role in the overall process. The sponsor send visa to the consultancy and they then send the details to the allotted agents. The agents can help select the candidates for the visa and send them to consultancy. The agents also help in issuing tickets after the candidates are finally selected by clients.


This software is an excellent tool to track all the payments done in the overall process of recruitments. The payment done for visa, payments to agents and candidates are all tracked by the software. All the accounting details are under the control of the client and report can be generated regarding the payments as well.