sponsor management

Our manpower consultancy software or Manpower ERP helps in the post recruitment process. We offer sponsor management which includes managing all details of the sponsoring process. The executive sponsors who have the authority to make decisions in human resource commitments and business processes can manage, control and get reports according to sponsor administration requirements.

Manage Sponsor

Our software helps in managing sponsor program. Managing information and providing status of the grant process can be done with our software. Sponsors must have a sponsor license. The software sees to that when the sponsor sends for visa, the details are there. The sponsors can track the visa and get details suing this software.

Build Lasting Relations

We believe in building relationship with our clients by providing the remarkable manpower consultancy software. This software can be a great help in the entire post- recruitment process. The relationship between recruiting company and consultancy can last long with the help of this software as the sponsor just needs to send the visa, the consultancy can do the rest.

Track VISA

This new Manpower ERP has the amazing feature of tracking the visa for the candidate. Key in the receipt number and get all the details of the visa. The software is known for its data protection so you don’t need to worry about information. The clients can track not one but several visas simultaneously.

Reports and Analytics

Reports and analytics help you determine the progress of the recruitment process you are involved in. The status of each procedure of sending visa from sponsor needs to be available to the clients. This Manpower ERP software has the feature of generating all the required reports which can be customized according to requirements.